Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Hi, this is my first entry!

Fever..oh..fever.. Actually I am still in holiday fever because I really love holidays and I hope to have some more but life must be go on. I have spent all my time during Chinese New Year holiday just at home, but it was very meaningful to me. I am really grateful for having such a big family and all my family members were coming home to spend time together which we always called it as "Family Day". Like the Chinese, we also had feast with family members. My mum always be the best chef in the world in my family's heart. She cooked everything - nasi lemak kukus, ikan bakar, sambal udang, sambal petai, tom yam - my sisters and I just helped her to prepare the things needed before she cooked. I really miss this moment because after months we have not gathered, we have a lot of stories to share while eating. Unfortunately, this moment did not last long for the whole week since my sisters and her husbands have to go back to Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur for working. 

On this holiday also, I have took the opportunity to make new identity card with my parents and youngest brother. I was really shock when I arrived at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara because there are a lot of people there. I have to wait from 8.00 to 12.00 pm to take my turn. The process was not slow, the officers work very efficiently but too many people make it slow. Then I come again to there in the next evening to take my new identity card with my mum and luckily, it was not as long as the day before.

i am a cat lover !

The last day : my brother's freind have given him a baby rabbit. It is so cute and tame. It makes my rabbits become five since I have already four, just the same number of my cats. 8 days done with wonderful moment with my family. Then it comes to the day I have to come back to the hostel. Since in the morning, I feel very uneasy, I did not talk too much, just eating what have been cooked without any demanding, and lay beside my mum after eating. I just hope that day could be longer than other day but of course it can't.

Oh, rabbit !

Can see my eyes?

         " Hi, I am Tomei. Nice to meet you. " =)

                      " Oh, no. You are so cute ! "

Holiday was end. Start studying back. I hope Malaysia could have about 25 main races somedays, so I can have a lot of holidays..hahaha. 


The Blackboard : If the holiday is a shoe, it must be a Vincci 

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