Friday, 3 February 2012

Dollars $

Hello sweeties !

Have a good day? Hopefully yes, and I am absolutely sure it must be yes. Why? Don't lie to me. Allowance has been given yesterday, right? Okay, stop. That is too much question. Yeah, thank god I have received my books allowance and it’s quite a lot. So, am I going for watching movies or shopping for new hand phone or buy a new handbag? Oh, it is a big NO. For sure my mum will mumble to me 24-hours non-stop 7 days a week if she knows I’m using my money for that stuff. 

So, yesterday I went for outing with my best friends Azy, Dayah and Mira. We went to Melaka Central which always known as MC and Mydin. We’ve planned what to do, what to buy, where to go first, and everything was going well. Actually we have very important thing to do and it was the main reason for us for this outing. Since, we are now studying Resource in Mathematics so we have to buy some stuff for making the teaching and learning aid [must be done every week]. Thank god for giving us “Mr. Mydin” and we can buy at the lower price compared to Tesco or Jusco.

Here is the stuff.

 colour papers **

 markers, binding tape, UHU glue, colour papers **

boxes. we got it free. just ask the Mydin's security. Thanks "Abang". 

 so, these are ADI's stuff.
[ADI stand for Azy, Dayah and Ina]
The red box inside the box is Colgate. It's free because our bill was exceed RM 50. Don't know how to divide three. huhu.
Total up : RM 52. 40 - divide three, each person pay RM 17.50 - this is quite cheaper for the whole semester


At night, we have started our group's work which is making the teaching and learning aid. As usual, we're brainstorming, give our ideas and choose the best. So, the result come to this...

this is our first ABM presentation. Getting inspired by this, we hope we can do SUPER DUPER excellent for the next.


The Blackboard : Don’t do for perfection, but do for your satisfaction because satisfaction is a part of perfection.

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