Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Characteristics of A Good Teacher


              Teachers are the person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession. They are the most important persons in the educational system not only in our country but also in the world. Every year, there are a lot of applications sent to the ministry of education to enter the teacher trainee centre. Among 10 000 applications received, there are only about 4000 are accepted. To be a teacher, one must have very good characteristics.

            First, the characteristic of a good teacher is they must be very knowledgeable. The teachers are mostly graduated from high institution and have about four to five years’ experience in teaching trainee. As a good teacher, they must not be able to teach in theoretically only but they also can teach it practically. For example, while teaching science, the teachers must be able to the experiments with the students, so that the students can understand better. Furthermore, a knowledgeable teacher must be very expert in their field of studying. This advantage can help the schools to achieve a success. They can contribute their effort to conduct extra class and plan many activities for the students. This is the chance for them to show up their skills. Moreover, their knowledge can be very useful.


            Next, a good teacher must have a good physical appearance. Physical appearance do not base on how beauty or handsome her or his face look like but it is more about physically. For example, physical appearance includes of the clothes, shoes and also the hair. People said that our physical appearance would give the first impression to others. So, it is very important to the teachers to give the best first impression to their students. Good looking teachers can easily attract the students to study because as far as I am concerned, students tend to choose the teachers. They are highly excited to study with the teachers they like, usually the attractive teachers. I believe that the teachers who are smart and neat can convey their students about their ability to teach.

            Lastly, to be a good teacher, the teacher must be a role model for the students. This is because students spent most of their time at school and they are always being with their teachers. So, teachers must concern about this aspect. In fact, they are actually the models for the students in all aspects. For example, teachers must use appropriate or suitable language while communicate with the students. This is because if the teachers use bad words, the students are easily following their habits. We also know that students are more believe on their teachers’ words rather than their parents. A part from that, teachers must show good manners in managing time such as do not late to school and use time wisely in the classroom for learning and teaching process. If the teachers are always late, the students would lose their respect towards them. In addition, it is important for the teachers to follow all the school’s rules such as do not smoking, so that the students would do the same things.

            In conclusion, a good teacher must have all the characteristics stated before. They must be knowledgeable, have good physical appearance and be a role model. Teachers must do their part effectively in the education system.

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