Tuesday, 27 March 2012

PBS Experience

            Last week, I have done my third PBS at Sekolah Kebangsaan Serkam. It is located only about 4 km from my house. It was a wonderful week for me as I was enjoyed and happy to be there. It was the busy week for the school. They were sending their students to Kejohanan Olahraga and preparing for the PIBG meeting. 

            When I was there, there is one thing that is really meant to me. It begins when I have to relief a class. It was 3 Adil class. I have entered the class twice but not on the same day. For the first time I entered the class, I did some mathematics’ quizzes since the students said they are really love mathematics. I also promised to them that the five highest marks will receive a gift. I think that was the best way to handle the class for one hour replacement. I wrote the questions on the blackboard and asked them to answer on a piece of paper. After that I asked them to pass up the answer but there was a girl did not pass up her answer. After waiting for another five minutes, the girl still did not send her answer and I came to her. I looked at her paper, she can’t answer the questions even the simplest question. Then, I have to announce the marks because the time was over and I have to leave the class. I gave chocolates for the five highest marks. They were so happy but the girl still kept quiet at her desk.

this is Standard 2 clas. they enjoyed watching a video.

            On the next day, I entered the class again. The students asked me to do a quiz again and I decided to make spelling quiz in Malay and English. I gave them 10 Malay words and 10 English words. Like the day before, I also promised to reward them if they get the highest mark. I took about ten minutes to check all their answers. I was very shocked while checking the answers because the girl who did not answer any mathematics questions the day before got the highest mark! I doubled check her spelling. Yes, she got 17 correct out of 20. Then I gave her the chocolates and I can see she was smiling. I was smiling too and I asked the class to give big claps to her.

            After that I went to the room which my friends and I were given a place to stay for the whole week. I kept thinking about the girl. Deep in my heart, I said to myself that the girl has a potential. Even she cannot perform well in mathematics, but she can do well in other subjects. The teachers should give more attention to her and do not leave her alone. I know she can do but she need a teacher to guide her. The girl has made me realized that we cannot judge our students from one side only. There must be a good thing inside them and it is our responsibility to make it out. I learnt that patient is the key for the teacher. 


The Blackboard : I hope I can be the best teacher for my future students.

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