Friday, 2 March 2012

God's gift


Wow, it has been a long time for my last entry. Rigth now, it is 12.39 am and I am writing the post. Never do this before, blogging at the middle of night. The assignments never end up and that's what a real student's life. 

I just only want to share my happiness with my friends. Look at this.


She is my niece. Born on 25th February 2012, last Saturday. She is my first niece and the first grandchild in my family. After waiting about 10 hours, my sister delivered her. I am so happy, excited and more excited to be an aunt. But the fact is, I still scared to hold her because she is too small and soft - like what Johnson & Johnson Baby told you on tv. I scared that I might hurt her because she was only age 'one day' when I was at home. 

My sister said her daugther is look like her but her nose is like my dad's. 

I can see from my brother-in-law face, he is also very happy. He was waiting my sister at the hospital for the whole day, sleep outside the ward till morning and just come back to have a bath. That's a father-to-be should do and I respect him.

My mom. She is extra and extra excited to be a grandmother. She never stop smiling and called the baby as "tomei" since the baby does not have a name yet. When I called her on the phone, she said : The baby is so clever, she will stop crying when I hold her. That's mean the baby has known her grandmother =). My mom said, her grandchildren must called her as "Wan" not as a "Nenek" because my mom is a Pahang-rian and she wants the tradition of calling "wan" never-dying in my family.

Now, my sister is in "pantang". My mom keep told her :

 you can eat this,  
don't eat this [ it will be mine =D ],
 don't do this  

and at the same time I also learnt, learnt how to be a mother soon. >,<

That's all. It is 1.15 a.m. I better go to bed now, if not I will be dreaming in the class tomorrow. Bye.


The Blackboard : I will teach my niece to write this "I LOVE MY MUM AND DAD" soon, perhaps she will a good daughter, a brilliant niece, and a wonderful grandchild.

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