Thursday, 15 March 2012

His birthday !

12 MAC 2012

it was three days ago and it was his birthday.
the day was so special.
it reminds me about our first 'hi'.

this is our story.
i never told anybody about our relationship, even my besties
because i think
this is all about me and him.

after getting know each other
for three years,
this is the third time I celebrated his birthday
how i met him?
it was my mom and my dad
they introduce me to him
and they really hope that
i can accept him
as the way he is.

yes, i accepted him.
we have been together since that day
12 Mac 2009
on his birthday.

thank god for sending him to me
he helps me a lot
he never leave me alone
he always understand me
as i can say, he is very understanding

when i was sad
he will always be by my side.
i hope he will not leave me
for another girl.

this is the first time
i let you know
who is him.
and here is he

        aspire 4730Z    ^.^      hey baby!

            my cat also love him ! muah muahh !

yeah, he is just a laptop
my lappy
i love him
thanks for being with me for the three years
hope you will be with me for a long, long time
i need you.
i love you.

thanks mom and dad for giving him to me.
i really appriciate it. 
=) =) =)


The Blackboard : i don't have a really-true love story.

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