Monday, 20 February 2012

First Love

 oh my god, i just fall in love!!

Hello sweeties !

Yeah, it is all about first love today. I know everybody is waiting for those who write about first love rather than facebook and drugs. This is the time for you to know about your friend's first love. Now, the secret is not a secret anymore. hahaha. 

Oh, no! My heart starts beating very fast right now. All the memories come into my mind, suddenly make me smile alone, forget about everything and it's all about my first love. Enough, that is too much for introduction. Let's start the story.

Honestly, and very very honestly, I never had first love. *yeah, you're wasting your time now, no first love story, i don't mind if you click the "x" button at the right top now*. BUT I have a story for you. It was on 2005 when I was in Form 2. There was a new boy enter my class in the middle of February and he is actually was my teacher's son. He is about only 150 cm tall which is far away shorter than me. That's not the big issue here but he is very good looking boy.

One day, my friends had challenged me to talk to him. I still remember, they told me to borrow his Geography's Folio and I did it when teacher was not in the class. All my friends were laughing at me because they did not believe I would do that. Start from that day, so many things happend to me. The boys in the class keep making joke about us, but I'm not taking it seriously because we were just friends. My form teacher also knew about this and although she is an "ustazah", she never scolded us but she is more excited to know the progress of our relationship. For sure it just a "friend" relationship and never goes more than that. 

There was an incident that still make me feel ashamed to confront with him till now. In the same year, my class was sent to MITC for attending a carnival. There was a radio kiosk there. People can write their name and their short speech, pay RM 2.00 if I am not mistaken and the DJ will announce it. And what I have done was, I did it. I asked for Siti Nurhaliza's song entitled "Kau Kekasihku" and my speech was most like this "I would like to give this words to all my classmates especially ******, good luck and have a nice day". Fuhhhh... all my friends were laughing and I ran into the bus quickly, covered my face with the bus' curtain. When my friends entered the bus, they were still laughing and the boy had a red face. Pity on him. Till now, I also don't know why I did that such thing. Yeah, I was 14 that time, I'm not thinking well, it's all about joking. 

That is the kid's story. I think this is one of my "sweet" memories that I would remember eternally. I would tell to my kids and my grandchildren but I never told this story to my mum. 

This is my first love

ayah & ibu ~ love never ends


The Blackboard : I don't know how to find love. I need a teacher.

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