Sunday, 12 February 2012

Anti - A

Hello sweeties !

I want to make a declaration that I am anti A. My word is "Anti - A". But why must I hate "A"? She never doing wrong to me, she never disappointed me, in fact, she is one of the most wanted things in this world. This is really crazy. No, actually it's not crazy. This word has came across into my mind when I was thinking to write about the blood donation. 

450 ml blood of mine. see the red tag, B's group.

Have you ever try donate your blood? Do you know your blood type? Are you in Mahsuri blood's group or you are the "C" group? Hah, if you are the "C", please go back to your school and learn science again from your teacher, and don't play in the class. You are Mahsuri's group? Please bring me to Langkawi and show me your ancestor's genealogy, even I never care who are you, just show me. Bla...bla...bla...

As a responsible Malaysian, I am proudly said that I am one of the blood donors in the world. Last Wednesday, there was a blood donation program in the campus and I have took the chance to donate my blood. This is my second time but it should be the third. I have donated blood for the first time when I was in semester two of foundation. Second time, it was last semester. Unfortunately, I did not pass the test before donating the blood because I was so nervous at that time. My blood pressure was so high even the doctor have given me time to calm myself and I have checked it for twice. I never expected that I can't donate blood because of this factor and I admit that I am the "darah gemuruh" type, my heart easily beating too fast, my hand get very cold. So, last Wednesday was my third time attending the blood donation program. Everything was going well. I had pass the weight section, my hameoglobin was enough - about 14.5, the passing point is 12.5, my blood pressure was normal and I went to the bed for about 30 minutes. Thanks to Azy for accompanying me that day. =B

it's not hurt, have a try.

From the blood donation, I have know my blood group. I am belong to B's group. And the B's group is anti to A's group for antibodies in plasma. That's why I am anti to "A". =) 

 what about you? C's group?

I hope by donating my blood I can help to save people's life, at least one. I know I can't afford to help them in financial term, but at least my blood can give them another chance to live. We don't know what will happend to us in the future, what will happend to our family and our beloved friends. Perhaps this would help. Make a change for a better life. May Allah bless us. 


The Blackboard : Bear in mind, if we never try to help people, how the people want to help us. God is totally fair.

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