Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Unexpected Liars

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...

yeah, it's my birthday
thank you Azy, Dayah, and Mira
 for celebrating my BIRTHday
even it's already two months passed

I never expected this
beside your normal attitude, I can't see your abnormal attitude that day
yeah, you can fool me
yeah, Madam Ho is going to see you at 12.30
then, you came with this blueberry cake at Mc Donalds.
what else I want to say.
It was really touch my heart
and I never feel like this 
because I really believe Dayah is going to see Mdm Ho but not going to buy this cake
 *actually it was Dayah and Mira*
then, you made me cry !!
you made my day ♥♥♥

 thank you for the cake
thank you for the Mc D
when we were eating, it took a long, very long time
people at the next table keep changing but we were still there
spending time with all of you, is not a kind of wasting time
even though that's time we have a lot of works waiting to be done
but it is more on to build my stregth to be here
and it is the time for me to love you more *ggrrr***
thanks besties !!

I know I am not strong enough to be here
far away from my family *even though they are only 20km from here*
had trouble to get along with this new hostel
and you are always be by my side.

even sometimes we were not in the same track
have a bit misunderstanding
silent is the best way
to make sure it does not going worst.
to make sure our friendship is not affected.

my mom always said :
"find the friends that would always be with you when you are happy or sad, not just the friends that are need you when they are in trouble."

honestly, I really miss the last year
we were at the same floor of hostel
we were near by each other
we had much time to eat together
I can called them just from my room
chatting in the bathroom
and that is what life in hostel really mean to me.

I hope our friendship will remains forever.
Thank you Allah for sending me these three girls.

Friday, 10 February 2012
Melaka Central's Mc Donalds


The Blackboard : The strongest glue is always be in my bag, if the glass begin to crack I will glue it immediately. The glass is the freindship.


  1. Thank you Allah for sending me this girl too. i just can't thank you enough.