Monday, 13 February 2012

Summary of Drove Roads

 the drovers

         The drovers had to overcome the problem of the long distances movements of the animals. They have to provide enough foods for the cattle along the journey. The drover must have great skill to handle large number of cattle for a long distance. Usually the drover will ride ahead on horseback to ensure the cattle are on the right track and did not enter the private land to feed or the drover have to pay for any damage they had done. While passing other farmers’ farm, they have to make sure the cattle do not mixed up with the farmers’ own cattle because it would take long time to sort them out again. Sudden loud noises would frightened the cattle and make them panic and it take times to calm them. Drover also is exposed to robbers’ threat. The drover must have intimate knowledge of his cattle, so they reach their market in prime condition to get the best prices.


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