Sunday, 5 February 2012

Okonomiyaki !

Hello sweeties !

Okonomiyaki? What is it? Is it a new massage chair from Ogawa? Or it is a new K-POP group from the South Korea? Oh please, thank God it is not a K-POP group. Do you think I will waste my time write about them for their new dancing steps, or what's their new drama, or when they will be in Malaysia, or not too bad, talking about their plastic surgery done here and there? Oh no, please don't ask me to do that because I am not K-POP "die-hard-fans" and surely never. Back to my okonomiyaki story. Somebody asked me why I put my blog address as "tokonomiyaki" and why not put it as "justinbieberiloveyou" or "ohmygodimbeautiful" or something else which is more exciting, and not this "oko - oko, yaki - yaki".

What is Okonomiyaki? Actually this is a kind of Japanese food and I really love it! It is so delicious. It is superb! And the name means "grilled as you like it".

yeah, this is okonomiyaki!

Okonomiyaki is the regional specialty dish in the Kansai area of Japan—Osaka and Hiroshima are each known for their distinctive style of pancake, and each claims to be the home of the archetypal okonomiyaki. In the Osaka style, all of the ingredients are mixed together and cooked as a single pancake... [read more here]

ika karage

How I find it? Once upon a time....[ooppps, sorry]. I have tried it for the first time last year with my bestfreinds, Azy and Dayah. We found it at Jaya Jusco foodcourt. At that time, actually we were looking for "ika karage" which is the fried squid [another type of Japanese food] but coincidently I saw this food and it looks great. So, I asked Dayah and Azy to try it. I still remember, at first we only bought one and share together, eat it at the foodcourt - for it is the first time, we don't know how it taste, that's why we're sharing. If I am not mistaken, it is about RM 4.99 only. After tried it, wow, I feel like WOW! Its awesome! I just fall in love with the Mr. Okonomiyaki! Start from that day, we always bought the okonomiyaki when we went to the Jaya Jusco and also the never-ever-forget-to buy, Mr. Ika Karage. It is more delicious when we are sharing - Azy, Dayah, Mira and me - have a bless time together eating it at night while doing our group work.

i'm feeding Mira the okonomiyaki. [last semester-exhibition preparation]
oh, my besties!

But, why must be 't' in front of it? The "t" stands for Takoyaki. Takoyaki also is a kind of Japanese food [don't worry, also can find it at Jusco]. Azy really likes it, but unfortunately three of us didn't. Just to make it sound nice, I put the "t" combining the takoyaki and okonamiyaki, then it comes to "tokonomiyaki" [for sure the Japanese never know this =)]. Hah, that's the story.

Okonomiyaki is my second Japanese favourite food after Ika Karage. I cannot swallow the sushi.


The Blackboard : oh no, my stomach is begging for okonomiyaki now!

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