Monday, 13 February 2012

Personal Response : Kevin

 omg !

 Personally, I think this story is very interesting as it shows the reality of life of nowadays. It describes how the parents are pressing their kids to be excellent. In this story I feel really sorry to Kevin because his mother never cares about his feeling at all and keep pushing him to study every time. This “autocratic” mother has steal Kevin’s kid life as Kevin is not allowed to play with his friends, watching television or doing something he likes except study. As a mother, Kevin’s mother should give him same opportunity like other kids to have time for playing, watching television and at the same time not ignoring his study. This situation would make the kid feels better rather than keep studying in a depression. For me, Kevin is a good boy, he never objected his mother’s order to study but the mother is quiet selfish. Kevin’s mother did not reward him properly such as did not buy for him football boots like he wanted. Maybe the mother thinks she has done perfectly for his son’s life like preaparing him for study and sending his son to swimming class but she never knew that her son is suffering. It is not fault to do that but the way is wrong. In this story also I found that Kevin has a good friend, Boon Kee. 

go to study....bla..bla..bla..then study again...

Although Boon Kee is playful, untidy and gave unpleasant opinion about Kevin’s mark but it shows that Boon Kee is really care about his friend and he really know his friend’s life. This is a true friendship. When Kevin was told by his servant about his mother illness, he did not show any worry. While reading this part, I myself can feel what Kevin’s feel. It is not happy feeling but something like relief and grateful for he can have a week by his own. Truly, this is not supposed to happen but Kevin as a kid deserves to have it. Maybe his mother would realize about this after she come back. But for me, in this real world I would never do like Kevin because whatever happened, my mother is always be my mother and nobody can't replace her. Forgiveness can build the love. As a child we should love our mother because they are the reason for we are living in the earth today.


The Blackboard : It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Thank God for giving me a wonderful mother.

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